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Turbo Harvester
you must be level 35

How it Works How to Hide the Button Turbo Harvester video Known Bugs
You will be able to harvest all crops on your farm (possible on all main farms) with only one simple click!

The cost for each building will be 10 gold and the button will be placed at the farm selection menu.

By hovering over the button you’ll see the potential outcome, by clicking it, you’ll harvest all products, which are ready for harvesting, at once.

If you have no interest in this feature it can simply be hidden away from view.

How it Works
Make sure you hover over the button for the info pop-up.
Do not click on the button unless you want to harvest.
Shows that harvested products will go to storage first.
Shows that when storage is full, products will go to contracts next.
Shows that when storage and contracts are full all remaining products will be sold.
Each of your main farms will be done separately and will have it's own price tag, shown in the top right corner.
On the farm selection menu click on the farm that you want to harvest, then from there hover over the button.
Make sure that you don't click on the button by mistake before you see it's price tag.
When you are sure that you want the Turbo Harvester to do the work for you simply click on it.
WARNING: Never use the Turbo Harvester during a Cooperate challenge (CC) if you hold your stables as I do.
see the Turbo Harvester video  for more information. watch the video
How to Hide the Button
Menu close button
The arrow that points right w/red background will hide the Turbo Harvester button.

Menu open button
The arrow that points left w/blue background will display the Turbo Harvester button.

To be safe it may be a good idea to keep the button hidden at all times.

Menu close button
This button will still hid the farm selection menu when doing search events.

Turbo Harvester video

Known Bugs
This is not a bug, but something I feel worth mentioning.
In the video he said "all contracts will be filled except for the Limited contracts"
In my image at top of page you could see I had 1,188 eggs ready for harvest...
What if I had a Limited contract that needed say 1,000 eggs.
If I was to use the Turbo Harvester button it would just sell all those eggs because it skips the Limited contracts.
So be warned, check your contracts first!  Thank you SuzyQ22 (US1) for bring this to our attention here.

WascallyWabbit 7/19/2018 It would appear that once an item reaches the storage limit, it stops counting on missions, projects, possibly also tasks & events, so it is being investigated & we will get you more info tomorrow, once we know exactly what is going on.
Last updated : Monday, September 28, 2020
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