This farm can be built in 10 days without spending any gold although it will take a grate deal of Farm cash.
You will be able to make Stylish tunics, Rustic tankards,  Mighty helmets and Cozy coats in the Workshop.
I have run this farm as is and I didn't have any problems.
Soon as you have 2 level 4 fields take turns planting flax and sardines and plant herring at night.
Start 30 seal feed at night when you log out, other than that keep making max penguin feed constantly.
Make max fertilizer in the silo 24/7.
You may want to print or take screenshots of the following check list pages to cross of your progress as you go.
Penguin rune-run page1
Penguin rune-run page2
How to use Windows Paint for screenshots.
Optional add-on
Penguin rune-run page3
Clear plot #4
Upgrade 13th House lvl 4 +4 4
Upgrade 14th House lvl 4 +4 8
Build Tree grove -6 2
Build 15th House +8 10
Upgrade Tree grove lvl 2 -3 7
Upgrade Tree grove lvl 3 -3 4
Upgrade Tree grove lvl 4 -3 1
Upgrade 15th House lvl 2 +4 5
Upgrade 15th House lvl 3 +4 9
Upgrade Silo lvl 2 -6 3
Clear plot #3
Build Pine forest
Place stored Cult stone
Upgrade 15th House lvl 4 +4 7
Build 16th House +8 15
Upgrade Workshop lvl 4 -15 0

Use the following images to help make everything fit matching the FIG numbers with those on the check list pages above.